Presidents Leadership Council

The Presidents Leadership Council provides an opportunity for Scouting’s most generous donors to provide input, ideas and suggestions for the BSA’s fundraising priorities. We are grateful to our donors and work to build lasting relationships with them through fellowship trips, personal stewardship, customized recognition and opportunities for access.


  • Qualifying gifts may be paid to or through the BSA Foundation over a five-year period.
  • Gifts may be designated to any and all BSA entities and initiatives, local or national, as selected by the donor.

A gift of $1,000,000 or more qualifies for inclusion in the Boy Scouts of America’s Presidents Leadership Council (PLC), Scouting’s premiere donor society.  PLC members are an esteemed group of visionary philanthropists who have demonstrated exemplary service to America’s youth.  As a PLC member, you can receive invitations to exclusive  domestic and international donor events hosted by the BSA National Foundation. Imagine fellowship with your fellow Scouters on the beaches of Normandy or at the Indy 500.

Recognition Items
  • A numbered, limited edition replica of Norman Rockwell’s “The Scoutmaster” in bronze.

Norman Rockwell’s “The Scoutmaster” in bronze

  • An original commissioned marble sculpture, depicting Rockwell’s “A Great Moment.”

Norman Rockwell’s “A Great Moment” in marble

  • A professionally framed and hung full-size Rockwell giclée of your choice from the catalog of Norman Rockwell artwork.

21 OnMyHonor

  • Custom-designed BSA brooch jewelry and accompanying status as a BSA Lifetime Investor.

Legacy Pin

  • Custom-designed PLC silk tie.

6973-NF-0227 (2)

  • Custom-designed PLC woman’s silk scarf.