How to Give

As a donor to the Foundation, you determine where your money goes and how it will be spent. The Foundation ensures your wishes and passions are followed and supported. It is also our job to keep you informed on the status and impact of your gift or fund. Gifts to and through the Foundation may be to a local council, or any Scouting entity, and be used for operating, capital or endowment needs.

You can also make undesignated gifts to the Foundation and allow the Foundation to distribute the funds to councils and initiatives. The Foundation is on the leading edge of Scouting need and program innovation. Your undesignated or discretionary funds can be distributed directly to councils with specific needs or for innovative pilot programs.

As the cost of setting up and administering a gift can be prohibitively expensive, the BSA Foundation can serve as trustee for a wide variety of charitable gifts at competitive rates.  Additionally,  you may want to make a large gift supporting worthwhile charities other than Scouting. The Foundation permits you to name other qualified charities, in addition to the Foundation, as beneficiaries of a gift or trust. This can greatly reduce the time and expense of making separate gifts to each charity.

The Foundation can assist with your gift planning. Click here for planned giving resources.

Gift Transfer Instructions Understanding Planned Giving


Acceptable Types Of Gifts

Gifts to the Foundation may take many forms and are detailed in the  Foundation Gift Policies and Procedures  and Current Investment Guidelines.


Acceptable gifts include the following:

  • Cash
  • Stock/bonds/marketable securities
  • Mutual fund/retirement plan designations
  • Real estate (without mortgages or liens)
  • Oil and gas royalties
  • Other assets (upon approval of Foundation board)
Foundation Gift Policies Current Investment Guidelines


Are You Prepared?

Do you have an accurate and comprehensive summary of your assets and liabilities? This can be very helpful with you estate, retirement and financial planning.  Fill out this Confidential Record of Financial Affairs to facilitate conversations with your attorneys or financial planners.

Giving Questions | Scouting Answers

This is one of our most popular donor-oriented publications. It covers many different types of planned gifts and giving opportunities for gifts large and small.

Giving Questions|Scouting Answers
Tax Deductibility of Gifts

The BSA Foundation is tax exempt as a charitable organization described in IRC Section 501(c)(3), and is classified as a public foundation under IRS Section 509(a)(3).  As such, all gifts to the Foundation are charitable contributions and deductible from income, estate, and gift taxes (as applicable). You should check with you tax advisor regarding the extent and use of any charitable tax deductions for gifts to the Foundation.