Why Partner with the Foundation?

Grow Major Giving in Your Council


“The way we have been raising money for the last 100 years in our council is not going to allow Scouting to reach its full potential in Charlotte, NC.  Building our endowment is critical to reaching more youth.” 

– Mark Turner, Scout Executive, Mecklenburg County Council

For councils seeking to elevate their major gift fundraising efforts,  the Foundation customizes partnerships to deliver high-value major gift services.  The Foundation has partnered with over fifty councils successfully growing endowments, raising funds for capital and other priorities, enriching donor experiences, and forging new donor relationships. Our staff of professional major gifts directors and specialists bring a disciplined and focused approach to help councils develop high-impact, long-term donor relationships.

Why Partner? | Custom Major Gift Services Overview

The Time is Now

As the Growing Future Leaders Campaign  is half-way to goal, your council wants to be on board!  Foremost, this is a $250 million major gifts campaign to benefit Foundation partner councils. Councils are receiving the support needed to grow their endowments, expand Scoutreach, grow STEM offerings and much more.  In 2018, over $40,000,000 in new gifts were raised for Foundation partner councils.  As demand has increased for services, we are growing to meet the need. The time is now to partner with the Foundation to grow our nation’s future leaders.

Aligning council funding priorities with the National BSA priorities is a key factor to campaign success.  Growing Future Leaders is:

  •  Raising awareness of local council needs
  •  Securing major gifts to ensure Scouting’s future
  •  Focusing donors on the specific needs of Scouting
  •  Cultivating and building long-term major gift relationships, benefiting local councils beyond the campaign
  •  Speaking to the needs of today’s donors who are seeking greater impact with their major gifts

2018 Annual Report

How Can my Council Benefit?

Major donors around the country have responded to Foundation/Council  partnership efforts by making transformational leadership gifts, changing the fiscal realities of local councils. Over the past several years, the BSA Foundation has worked with dozens of councils developing a partnership model leading to over $200 million in gifts to Scouting in recent years.

Foundation Partner Councils Receive Assistance With:

  •  Direct involvement in development and execution of solicitation strategies
  •  Research and prospect identification
  •  Cultivation support with access to Foundation events
  •  High-level donor recognition
  •  Identification of new potential funding sources and relationships
  •  Technical support for planned gifts
  •  Board training for major gifts
  •  High level stewardship opportunities for major donors
  •  Greater coordination between Scouting professionals and volunteers in major gift activity

Custom Major Gift Services

To meet the growing  local council demand for custom major gift services,  the Foundation creates partnerships based on days of service, council size, budget, donor base and major gift goals.

Three of the most popular ways your council can partner with BSA Foundation include:

  • Assisting on a single occurrence basis, on site at your council, for a a fee based on the lesser of 5 % or $25,000 on the closed gifts
  • Dedicating a major gifts director, on site at your council, for a given number of days per year
  • Sharing the cost of employment for full-time major gifts directors residing and working in specific geographic markets. These placements are negotiated on a case-by-case basis. The cost varies based on market factors and the number of participating councils.
Why Partner? | Custom Major Gift Services Brochure

Click here to contact Stacy Huff, Foundation Director, for further details regarding partnership to receive Custom Major Gift Services.