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Charitable Remainder Trusts

We regularly establish remainder trusts and lead trusts for donors and their families. These trusts can make regular income distributions to the donor, family, or BSA, and are very flexible in their terms. When the trust ends, the funds may go to Scouting or to the donor and family, depending on the donor’s wishes.

The Foundation offers a flexible and effective way for Scouters and our supporters to easily accomplish many of their charitable objectives. The BSA Donor Advised Fund (“Fund”) permits donors to make an irrevocable gift to further the mission of the BSA and, potentially, other qualified charities. Advised funds in the BSA Foundation are essentially the same as advised funds offered by community foundations, commercial common funds (such as Fidelity and Vanguard), and others — except our donors are assured that Scouting will always be a primary beneficiary of their philanthropy.

Annual distributions are made from the Fund, and the donor(s) may provide advice to the Foundation related to the amount, timing, and beneficiaries of the Fund. However, the owner of the Fund is the Foundation, and the Foundation board has ultimate control over all distributions from the Fund. The Fund agreement provides for distribution of income and capital appreciation, as well as principal.

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